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nimoloth in interacademia


Welcome to this community. The aim here is to engage in educated discussion of issues in science, religion and technology, primarily of an academic nature, and the interactions and relationships between them.

I know that, at least in science, there is little consideration of subjects such as theology and how they affect scientific issues, and it would be fascinating and no doubt beneficial to both fields to engage in discussion of such things, particularly since we have such different ways of looking at things. As a starter, I shall re-post something I was thinking about the other day in my own journal in the next post.


Thanks for that info - I'd like to look into it and post it as the next entry here.
I would've linked you to the actual text, but you need to be a NS subscriber to get it online. And I'm not sure what the podcast says verses the written article.
Conveniently, there was a button for "institution login" which worked perfectly - the uni is subscribed and it picked up the IP address!
Wondered if you'd be that lucky. *g*