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nimoloth in interacademia

Monotheism & Cultural Development

I have heard it said that without the development of monotheistic religion, modern society with all it's technology and ethics would not have developed, implying that we would not be technologically advanced or ethical (if we can even be considered ethical as it is) with a dominant polytheistic religion.

Personally, I'm inclined to think that this view is inaccurate. Consider the technological advances made by polytheistic civilisations such as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, Chinese and many others. Some of their technological feats even now defy understanding. While these are not developments as advanced at that development of modern technology ans science, it would surely be a matter of time (hundreds or thousands of years into their development) before modern technology would have developed in some form or another, assuming monotheistic religions had not appeared and dominated.

In fact, although Christianity came to dominate across the Western world (where modern technology also developed), it wasn't until science and religion began to diverge a couple of hundred years ago that the technological advancements leading to the industrial revolution and modern science began to rapidly develop - we have seen an explosion in the development of science and technology in the last 150 or so years at a rate unparalleled in history, and this seems to coincide with an increasingly secular society.